Max Brand


Official Max Brand Biography

He wrote more than 30 million published words.  He wrote hundreds of novels, short stories, and poems.  He wrote westerns, adventures, and mysteries.  He wrote about big business, and high society.  He was an author of poetry, romances, fairy tales, legends, parables, allegories, fantasies, dreams, and psycho-dramas.

He was indeed one of the world’s greatest storytellers.

But who really was "Max Brand?"

Golden West Literary Agency has been granted authority by the Frederick Faust Trust to provide the only official biography of Frederick Faust (Max Brand).

Golden West is owned and operated by Jon Tuska and Vicki Piekarski, who, as authorities on western fiction, have edited numerous literary works for many years, and are in large part responsible for the continued legacy of Max Brand - The World's Most Celebrated Western Writer.

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